White by Design

White by Design Stickley Prairie Settle

Interior designers use white by design.

White color is a combination of all the other colors. It implies purity and innocence, as our gaze appears clean and unblemished. White color can provocative because it makes all the other things stand out. Nothing is hidden on a white background. White accents the colors that remain and highlights the beauty of the objects with which it contrasts. A bride is dressed in white not only as a statement of innocence, but also to reflect her natural beauty.

White can complement either the traditional style or the modern.

In traditional settings white implies a suggestion of orderliness. As the room is predominately white, it combines with the rich heritage of the antiques and pictures to focus the eye’s attention on the objects of the room and not the furniture.

Modern design uses white to simplify the design. White eliminates distractions. The mind is cleared of unneeded color. The room remains fresh and clean. Often shades of white will be used to create subtle contrast.

Barbra Streisand employed white and strong colors in her interior design. She acquired a Prairie Settle by Gustav Stickley. The SettleĀ  was later part of an auction by Christie’s of the Barbara Streisand Mission Collection. Today, it is a highlight of the Stickley Museum.

Whatever your style of choice, white will always appear natural. White combines well with natural wood. Natural plants, wood, fabrics all blend with white color to establish a quiet interior that fits well with paintings, rugs and objects of art.

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